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Overview of the Minutes Folder

There are minutes of virtually all ONDNA meeting since the first meeting on June 23, 2002, but they are in diverse locations that have not been entirely identified and enumerated. This site has them beginning with January, 2017. Some other locations are given on the accompanying page.

Some more recent minutes are on the ONDNA Google Doc drive and for ease of access have been complied on here:

 "Sept ’15 to Feb ’17 Minutes of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association (256)" 

The URL of this oldnorsthdavischat.or post is:
These are also on ONDNA's Goooge Drive here:    


Others appear in either or both of Old North Davis History or Old North Davis Chat, which are here:

Various long-time members of the ONDNA also likely have extensive digital copies in their files.




This site provided with the assistance of the Davis Community Network.