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Minutes of the Board Meeting of September 20, 2018 (12-19-18)


Old North Davis Neighborhood Association (ONDNA)

Minutes of the Board Meeting of September 20, 2018 


Meeting convened at about 6:00 pm at the Hattie Weber Museum (445 C Street).


 Attendees:  ONDNA Board members present: Greg Frantz, John Meyer, Steve Tracy, Rain Watson and Angela Willson.  Unable to attend: Gerrit Mulholland and Marilyn Underwood. Other neighbors and attendees: Marian Stephenson.


Approve Agenda.  Steve Tracy moved approval of the agenda with the addition of David Murphy making presentation under “Introductions/Announcements.  Greg Frantz seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved unanimously.


Minutes: Angela Willson moved approval of the August 16, 2018 minutes incorporating comments made by members after draft minutes were circulated.  Steve Tracy seconded the motion.  Motion approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Tracy reported that the checking account balance for the Association has not changed.  It was reiterated that the disposition of funds should be placed on the next agenda for discussion.




David Murphy.  At the invitation of Steve Tracy, Mr. David Murphy made a brief presentation to the board about his candidacy for the County Board of Education as a Trustee for Area 2.


DJUSD/King High pest follow-up.  Angela Willson reported that there had been increasing problems with rats which seemed to be coming from the garden area adjacent to King High School.  She praised the follow-up to this issue as the site has now been cleaned.


Agitated homeless individual adjacent to softball field.  Angela Willson reported on an individual apparently using the porta-potty shelter adjacent to the Civic Center softball field as a place of refuge.  He was acting out in a manner that concerned several residents.  After discussing the matter with city officials, she was informed the structed is soon to be dismantled and relocated to the other side of the field.


Neighbors’ Night Out.  Angela Willson reported that she and Gerrit Mulholland will follow-up on planning for this event on Sunday, October 14.


Downtown Planning Advisory Committee:  John Meyer reported that concepts emerging prior to drafting of the plan were reviewed by both the Planning Commission and City Council.  Some themes under consideration in the plan include:

·       Increasing residential projects within downtown with attempts to offer some affordable units

·       Make better use of underutilized parcels (e.g., banks with underutilized parking)

·       Promotion of improved bikeways and alternative transportation

·       No investment in new parking structures at this time

·       Close attention to transition to adjacent neighborhoods


After two more meeting of the committee, the consultants will begin the drafting process of the actual plan.  When released, review of the draft will be essential to determine how such concepts have been translated into the plan and its zoning.


N Parking District:  At its last meeting, the board requested a letter be sent to the city regarding the N parking district.  Angela Willson reported on a recent conversation with a parking enforcement officer who reported that some remarking was necessary and that the officer may request this through Public Works. 


Neighborhood Confab:  Board members discussed a recent email from board president Marilyn Underwood describing a concept for a meeting of all city neighborhood associations.



Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, 2018. 


Respectfully submitted by John Meyer, ONDNA Secretary, October 7, 2018.


Approved at Board meeting of October 18 2018


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