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Bret Hewitt to Coordinate ONDNA Traffic Calming Project

At its Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 15, the Board of Directors appointed Old North resident Bret Hewitt as Coordinator of an ONDNA project to promote City action on traffic calming in Old North.

Bret Hewitt to Coordinate ONDNA Traffic Calming Project

Daily Democrat June 24, 2017

Hewitt accepted the appointment and described a number of traffic calming measures he thought desirable. His most immediate task will be to organize interaction with the new Traffic Calming Subcommittee of the City’s Bicycle, Transportation and Street Safety Commission. It happens that the commission has begun a new focus on traffic calming city-wide and this therefore seems a key time and place for ONDNA to put forth its concerns about our area’s traffic calming problems.

Hewitt lives at 516 D Street and his email is He welcomes others to join with him in this Old North traffic calming project. If you are interested, send him an email.

As chance would have it, Hewitt is in the news more generally at this time because he has begun a new position as the Executive Director of Tuleyome. This is described in the accompanying news story reprinted from the Daily Democrat of June 24, 2017.


Posted June 26, 2017. JL

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